' The New York Earth Room

New York
Earth Room


The New York Earth Room is an interior sculpture by the artist Walter de Maria that was installed on 141 Wooster Street in New York City in 1977. This installation is a 250-cubic yards and 22-inch depth of earth with a 3,600-square feet of room space.

The exhibition is still ongoing.


Visit The New York Earth Room exhibition and create a poster for it.


I used the astronomical symbol for “Earth” as the design element to interpret the dirt. The varying sizes of the symbol represents the continuity of the exhibition. The black and white colors are the white walls and the dark dirt.

Astronomical symbol
for Earth


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Going Further

When I visited the New York Earth Room exhibition, I noticed that the exhibition did not sell any merchandise, while many museums and exhibition spaces often sell their own branded goods or artist-licensed products. I went further from just designing the exhibition posters to designing merchandise items that can be sold at the exhibit.