Branding Children Health Center

What is Bloom

Bloom is a children health center that provides comprehensive health care to “seeds”, the youngsters until they bloom and grow up to be healthful, beautiful adolescents.


Logo Exploration

Like its name, I focused on the idea of “bloom” or a flower. I explored through multiple logo marks to express those two ideas. I was looking for something soft that viewers can relate to children, but also it had to feel safe for the health center.

Responsive image

Logo Contruction

Final Design

In the final design, I used a ratio of 1.5 so it’s close to the golden ratio, which is 1.618. If you reference the logo construction above, you will notice that the height of BLOOM takes 3 boxes (0.5 x 3), the height of the logo mark is 6 boxes (0.5 x 6), and the height of CHILDRENS HEALTH CENTER takes 1 box (0.5 x 1).

Space Usage

Background Usage

Color Palette

Responsive image

R 54, G 102, B 246
C 78, M 63, Y 0, K 0

Responsive image

R 12, G 21, B 51
C 96, M 88, Y 47, K 61

Responsive image

R 128, G 128, B 130
C 52, M 44, Y 42, K 7


Brand Pattern

Web Design

Landing Page
In order to reduce the hassle to whatever the patients might need, I wanted to put this section of search bar where they can search for the specific purpose of visiting this site.
Patients can search the nearest center according to their home address.
Patients can see what kinds of services Bloom does by toggling through, or they can simply see every service by clicking VIEW ALL button.
Find Your Doctor Page
Patients can search doctors easily with multiple filters within the search bar.
Patients can control the doctor list below by changing filter categories.
Patients can check each doctors’ availability of the current week, location, and his or her clinical focus.
Doctor's Page
Patients can check doctor’s detailed availiability on a specific day. First they can check the current week’s schedule, but also they can change the view to a montly calendar.
Patients can check doctor’s additional information that can help their decision making in which doctor to make an appointment.
Making Appointment Page
User Profile Page
Parents can check their childrens’ clinical history with Bloom. The view can change into a monthly calendar by clicking the top right button, and patients can see a summary of each sessions with a doctor.